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Friday, February 17, 2006

Disenchanted culture

We have come to believe that a country can grow on science, that literature "doesn't pay the bills". I'm not talking about science research or space exploration, I'm talking about engineering and medicine, which are redeemed the "highest" honors among careers here in Lebanon. This is not an attack on science, but an attack on options. What are the options of a high school graduate now: on one hand engineering, medicine and co., on the other business, PR and so on.

Dareth someone say, especially males: "I want to be a painter" brings shame upon the family, the father immediately imagines his son painting/begging on the road with no shoes on, the mother sees how her son will never get married because he's already not making any money; and the most valuable advice flies: "There's no future in arts, try engineering or medicine".

The young generation would rather do PR and IT than literature. These majors aren't even more than 2 letters long. I'm not the one who can interfere with the youth's choices, maybe they have no choice. It's not only about majoring in arts, it's about a culture who has turned charmless and unimaginative. TV hands us all the entertainment we need. Yes it exists elsewhere, but elsewhere some people still say while looking at a painting "Oh what a great new talent".

Can a country survive without the arts, maybe it can. Why in my opinion we need to give the arts more credit, more attention... I'm not sure, I'm just disenchanted. I don't find creativity and new thought anywhere anymore. For me it seems necessary and vital to create and add to life, change truths and reverse conventions. This post was spurred by a quote I received today, by Ambrose Pierce: "Painting: the art of protecting flat surfaces from the weather and exposing them to the critic", agree or not, this is art!

Monday, January 30, 2006

A moment of understanding

I remembered today a moment that took place a long time ago, we were discussing something, Toni and I, an old friend of mine. I don't remember how we got to a place where we talk about self esteem. Then i say:
- "You know, I believe I am the smartest man on the face of the Earth."
- "Yeah, i believe that too", he replied very subtly.
- "Yeah... it works", then we laughed...

I can't forget this moment because two people, and I insist very very humbly, said what they said without having the slightest conflict of interests. Why isn't this bragging, because it speaks of self-esteem, of one with thyself, not one with others. This also explains how there was no conflict.
I hope I can remain with such self-esteem in these difficult times. I believe this can help anyone overcome life's obstables with more ease, with more confidence, with more laughs.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

I have a dream...

It's a very nice dream. Well that's debatable, but hey I think it's a nice dream.
17 large sea cargo carriers arrive at the Beirut harbor. They are all fully loaded with the plant known as "Marijuana". The government knows about this, but some guy at the port was bribed and they all closed their eyes, piece of cake.
Remember the Nescafe university and street campaign, where they let you have a nice free cup of coffee. The same will happen here, free distribution of Marijuana everywhere, all generations over 18, let's make it 16, and if someone needs a bit more for all the family, they can have more.
The marketing purpose is obviously to get the country high, this people needs to fucking loosen up. Creating a American 60's here is the only solution for this country to catch the 21st century. Tolerance is the enemy target. Tolerance here is amazing. People tolerate being manipulated, used, abused, robbed, lied to by their "holy" leaders. But they can't tolerate two people living together without a legal paper, can't tolerate a different point of view, can't tolerate the other's religion, don't tolerate a woman on her own, don't tolerate any kind of change, don't tolerate other "groups", don't tolerate new words, don't tolerate new ideas... The list goes on. Loosen up a bit will you. We demand change, we demand principles to be dropped and replaced by... dancing!
I truely love hippies. Even though I'm not one, I want to turn this land into one big hippy party, this is one great way to completely turn things around. If I only knew a wealthy columbian farmer... sigh...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

When your friend marries...

What a weird situation. I'm sure all of you saw their best friend get married or engaged or , I'm about to, and I find it hilarious! How can I explain. Hilarious in a sense that when we all meet, you look like a stupid little brat up against the mature serious male. And then all the other relationships are affected. When "The Couple" is present, it's like whatever you do is not enough. Things you might hear are: "Yeah, Mr. funny doesn't like serious movies, just like everything else". But I do, but that's not the point, the point being: it's a whole new hilarious planet to discover, I'm thinking of the possibilities; endless. A friend of mine already told me, if X even mentions the word "wedding" in front of my gf, I'm gonna chop her head off... in a fun way of course.

But really, I'm looking forward to see how this develops. How will Y (soon to be husband of X) move from the single mode to the married mode. I think, personally, to see if a marriage is a strong happy one, before and after being married, one should change "absolutely nothing" in his life (before the kids that is). I don't know if you got my point, in all cases; I wish happiness to all & 3a2belkoun.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Move

The move from msn spaces to blogger was inspired by my fellow Lebanese and their blogger oriented... blogging, not to mention a welcomed change. The last bloggers meeting accelerated the move because the mutation of blogs into real individuals increased my interest and curiosity about this community, this mean of communication in all its diverse forms.

That was the bloggers' fourth meeting and my first, I nearly got to know everyone except it was like going to Rome and not seeing the Administrator! I didn't get to know the person who put all this together and to whom I owe the pleasure of being part of the Lebanese Bloggers: Eve, next time I bet. But it's been all very interesting, people from everywhere, points of views flying in the air, stories exchanged. One nice surprise was that Maldoror was a school buddy of mine, he recalled it cause my memory is ever so shitty.

Back to blogging. My biggest vice, which I have to surmount in order to achieve healthy blogging is: Lazyness. But I'm looking forward to this, blog hopping and so forth. See you in the words.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Started a space a while ago, only to discover that Blogger is more popular in the Lebanese blogging community. But I surely can't handle both... have to grow a moustache and everything :)
Anyway my space is here Zwixpace.
See you in the comments.